Planning Your Outfit For Your Rochester NY Engagement Session

Wedding season is upon us, and that means it’s time to start planning your engagement session. From my 6 years in this industry as a wedding photographer, I know that planning the perfect outfits for both you and your partner can be overwhelming. So, if you’re ready to learn more about how to make your outfit planning for your Rochester NY engagement session go smoothly, take a look at my tips below.

Stick to two outfits 

Typically, most couples plan for a casual look and a more dressed up or formal look. Planning two outfits is crucial. In case one doesn’t photograph well or you’re not satisfied with how it complements your appearance, having a backup outfit ensures you always have a strong option to rely on.

Colors & Fabrics

Neutral, light, earth, and jewel tones photograph really well. White is always a timeless color too.

Flowy dresses and skirts photograph beautifully. Linen and structured fabrics are always stunning where as thinner fabrics can cling to bodies and potentially emphasize self conscious areas.

Avoid green and red in nature settings. Green blends in and red looks like Christmas.

Avoid outfits that are super matchy 

When it comes to choosing outfits for your engagement photos, coordinating your colors is key. Instead of trying to match each other, aim to wear different dominant colors that are within the same color palette. For example, if one person is wearing a light blue dress their partner can wear a deeper blue shirt with khaki pants (to keep with the light color palette instead of dark jeans). This way, matching isn’t necessary but including hints of other colors from the outfit can help both outfits coordinate.

Dress for the weather

We’re in Western New York, so we know the weather can change by the day. The last thing you want to feel during your session is super chilly or overheated. When in doubt, dress with layers that you can easily take on or off, depending on what the weather brings.

Show off your personalities

Choose an outfit that you’re comfortable in and could see yourself wearing again. We want the photos to feel like you! Though, make sure to avoid any clothing with graphics or logos on them, as these are often distracting. 

Balance your types of outfits with one another 

The photos will look better when you both are dressed on the same level. For example, If someone is in a casual outfit (like jeans) and the other is in a more formal looking dress it will look off balance. 

Take care of your hands

You’re certainly going to want to show off your new ring! Make sure your hands, nails and your ring are clean before your session for close-up shots.

Consider professional hair and makeup

It can help relieve a lot of stress and is a great confidence booster. It’s the perfect time for a makeup trial with your makeup artist too.

At the end of the day, no matter what you decide to wear for your engagement photo-shoot make sure that both of you feel confident and beautiful in what you choose. After all – that’s what matters most!

Click here to learn more about booking me for your upcoming Rochester or Finger Lakes engagement session. I’d love to meet you both and celebrate with you!

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